Morning on 10th of October, in the place of nowadays Church of ”Lady Modesty”, Virgin Mary showed herself in the bush of trees. From 1447 until 1453 lasted the build of the New Church and in the year 1453, the church was given to the Augustine’s who used it as their home. With Misercoridia , there was also an Augustine monastery and a hospital which is today ”OLD CITY BAR”, where you are now in! Year was 1854 when Pietro Ciscutti bought the monastery and at his own expense, opened the city theatre with a lot of invites and great festivity on 26th December 1854. Year 1856 stayed remembered by the visit of emperor Franjo Josip in ”Teatro Nuovo” so by the end of the year, 9th December, stone was festively based in the marine Arsenal supervised by the royal couple. At the end of the day, royal couple went to the theatre and watched the shows that played from 8pm. There is, for now, only one photograph from the 70’s in the 19th century, that shows roof of the theatre next to the church of Lady Modesty. In 1867, the opening of the first Public School in Pula and making of the first Marine Casino, Dante’s square began to exist. In the times of Ciscutties Theatre, Dante’s square changed three names. The oldest one is ”Pian della Madonna”, then ”Piazza della Legna”, because way before of the forming of the square, people used to sell wood and wooden products in that area. And the last one is ”Piazzale delle scudle Comunali”. In 1872, the square got his first fountain, public fountain, that was payed by Dr. Angelo de Martini, city doctor and podestat. Pula was rising as a city, Ciscutti wanted to gift the citizens of Pula new and bigger theatre. It was opened on 2nd December 1880. The old theatre was opened as a cinema in 1908, 16th of August. Written by: Andrej Bader, mag. H